Selecting the right technology is key for all businesses and when you are starting out it is going to be important that you have tech solutions for each aspect/need of your business.

Before you rush headlong into starting a Recruitment Agency, stop and ask yourself why your agency should exist?

Things to consider include;

Cloud or Old School?

Probably before you get too far down the road of deciding which systems you want to use you should decide whether you plan to have Cloud based systems or client server installed systems. Like most decisions there are pros and cons with each but realistically for most businesses cloud based systems are by far the better way to go.

They usually offer a lower entry cost that you are not locked into plus remove the need to invest in specific hardware and networks needed to run client based systems. Another added benefit is that most cloud based systems have the ability to integrate with other solutions and so it makes the job of getting each system working together far more realistic.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloud based systems really showed their advantage over the older client server systems as agencies with client server systems struggled with the technology and expense of getting their systems to work from home (unlike Cloud based systems).

Office Suite Systems

Deciding on which office suite (eg Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Email, Calendar, etc) to use should be a straight forward decision and there are many options to choose from. Again, we would lean toward a cloud based platform and in this space the logical choices would be between Microsoft 365 & Google G Suite.

There are also free office suite programs available such as LibreOffice & Open Office if you were looking to install programs directly on your computer(s).

Accounting System

Your accountant will be able to advise as well and like each area of technology there are a number of providers to choose from. Sticking with the cloud theme, you should look at systems that make the whole process of accounting very simple to undertake. Features such as bank feeds, auto suggestions for reconciling transactions and integration with taxation bodies and your accounting adviser are important consideration.

The aim is to ensure that you have to spend as little time as possible managing your accounting needs so that you can spend as much time as possible running your recruitment business. A good idea is to outsource your accounting to a bookkeeper and if you are using a cloud based system it will make this a whole lot easier.  Systems you should consider include Xero, MYOB, Freshbooks and Quickbooks


Getting a website for your business is an essential part of starting a recruitment agency. Once you have decided on your business name you will need to register a domain name for it (there are many domain name registrars such as Go Daddy, Crazy Domains etc.) and from there you will need to get a website set up.

There are many DIY options available to set up a website (eg WIX, Weebly, WordPress) and also many website designers who can assist if you’d prefer to outsource the website development.

It is also important to pick a Recruitment System that integrates with your website for;

Also it is worth considering there a number of specialist Website developers/providers who specifically focus on the Recruitment Industry – examples include Klix & JXT.

Computer Hardware

Naturally the choice of the computer hardware that you need will be somewhat dictated by the choice of systems that you decide on. If you are planning to go client server type systems then you’ll need to check the system requirements for that software and ensure that you have purchased all the hardware necessary (e.g. server, routers, desktop/laptops) needed.

If you are intending to go with cloud based systems then your cost of IT infrastructure will be much, much less. Basically as long as you have a computer, tablet (or even phone) that has a web browser and an internet connection then you can run your business systems from anywhere.

Some of the choices of computer hardware options include Windows based, Apple based or Google Chromebook. In many instances, if all your business systems are cloud based then the Google Chromebook platform could be the most cost effective option. When thinking about computer hardware, one thing to consider is the range of uses that you may have – e.g. will you be interviewing with your computer in the room? If so, then maybe having a system that converts from a notebook to a tablet (eg a hybrid device like the Microsoft Surface, an iPad with a keyboard etc.) could be the best way to go.

Phone Systems

In the ‘olden days’ phone systems were a necessary part of a growing office and as you grew then you were likely to need to install a PABX system, along with handsets etc. Now the choices around the ways you can handle your calls are many and below are some to consider;


Run your business

PAY, INvoice & Report