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‘We hope that this site helps your research and wish you all the best with your plans for your agency.’

Welcome and thanks for your interest in this site!

Over the years, since founding our recruitment industry software businesses we have fielded all sorts of questions from people who are looking to start a recruitment staffing agency and people already in the industry. Though not professing to know all there is to know about the recruitment industry, we thought that a website site dedicated to starting and running a recruitment agency may be a useful tool to people already in – or looking to get into – the recruitment agency business.

All of the information on this site is provided free of charge and is designed purely to give some information on the things to consider when starting or running a recruitment agency.

Naturally, the information on the site is general in nature and may not be relevant to you  – so a key thing that you can do when considering a new business is to speak to qualified professionals about your plans.


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