Need an Office?

When starting a new business it is important that you manage your cash commitments and so when deciding on your office needs it may be prudent to consider if committing to a new two year+ office lease is the right way to go.

The type of recruitment that you are planning to do may impact your office needs. For example, if you are focusing on executive/professional placement then it is likely that (at least initially) a serviced office would suit. There are many providers of serviced offices (eg. WeWork, Servcorp & Regus) and most of them also have virtual office type services that not only offer space when you need it but also virtual receptionists.

Do you really need an office?

Again, depending on your agency type, you may be able to do the vast majority of your work from a home office and then use either a serviced office or cafe for meetings/interviews.

If your agency is going to be focused on temporary staff placement (e.g. in the Industrial, Trades, Hospitality, Healthcare sectors) and/or you plan to have a few people working with you on day one then it is more likely that you will need a fixed office location. Some things to consider here;

Could you base your office on a client site? This could be a potential benefit for both you and the Client

If you plan to have a dedicated office – look at where other agencies are located and consider basing the office in a similar location

Think about ease of commuting for both you and your staff and the proximity of your office to your client base

Make sure that your office is easy to get to by car and public transport

Consider access issues – e.g. placing your office up a flight of stairs with no lift access makes it difficult for people with mobility issues


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